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Scholarship Information

Jane Hammer Holmgren Scholarship

Award for Elementary School Teachers

The Jane Hammer Holmgren Scholarship recognizes an outstanding Montana woman who is pursuing a degree, certification, graduate or post-graduate work in the field of elementary education. It is given in memory of Jane Hammer Holmgren who was an elementary teacher.


A P.E.O. chapter may nominate an outstanding candidate that meets the following criteria:
  • Has completed at least two years of college and is pursuing a bachelor degree, a master degree, or post-graduate work in elementary Education
  • Will be working directly with students rather than in administration.
  • The Student Application LC-10A-10B

Amoretta J. Wilkins Scholarship

The Amoretta J. Wilkins Scholarship recognizes a graduate of a Montana college who is working on a master’s degree or additional education. The applicant may continue her education either in Montana or out of state in order to be eligible. It is given in memory of Amoretta J. Wilkins, Chapter Y, Montana, mother of Past State President Liz Johnson. Amoretta was born in Sheridan, Montana, November 15, 1913; graduated from the University of Montana in 1935 and spent her adult years in Billings where she and husband Tom raised three children. She encouraged her family to pursue higher education and was a 50+ year member of Chapter Y in Billings. Amoretta passed away July 17, 2008. A P.E.O. Chapter may nominate an outstanding candidate who meets these criteria:


  • Has completed a bachelor’s degree from any Montana university or college
  • Is pursuing a master’s degree or enrichment education to enhance her bachelor’s degree
  • Has written a one-page essay regarding her advanced study and how it will enrich her bachelor’s degree or help pursue her master’s degree
  • Has submitted two letters of recommendation written by someone, not related, with knowledge of the applicant’s qualifications

Montana Cottey College Scholarships

Awards to Montana girls attending Cottey

The Montana Cottey College Committee awards scholarships to all Montana girls who have been accepted by Cottey and turned in the proper forms by the March 1st deadline. Equal amounts are given to all Montana girls who attend Cottey. If a student does not accept the award in May, the funds may be redistributed among those that are going, with the state board's approval.

Contact Information

For information regarding the Amoretta J. Wilkins Scholarship, please contact:
Barbara Krieg
Montana P.E.O. Chapter Y

For information on all other scholarship opportunities, please contact:
Karen Leftwich
Montana State Chapter Vice President